Biggz Bunz™ Booty Bands
Biggz Bunz™ Booty Bands
Biggz Bunz™ Booty Bands
Biggz Bunz™ Booty Bands

Biggz Bunz™ Booty Bands

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Our Biggz Bunz Booty Bands are used for wrap around your legs (Upper thigh right below your glutes) that cause blood to run away from the muscle slower than it enters the muscle. This, as a result, creates a so-called blood pooling effect resulting in greater muscle pumps. But more crucial, this technique permits you to build larger muscles without using heavy weights.

Our Booty Bands work by temporarily restricting blood flow to your butt. For 5-10 minutes of forced restriction, science proves that this speeds up toning, lifting, and growth. This is because blood limitation builds up lactic acid and HGH (human growth hormone), giving you a "pump". These are overall great exercise bands for leg development and glute growth.

Successfully Used in Research:

The blood flow restriction bands have been successfully used in research. In 2017, Ursprung, William, and Smith, John D Three people studied in the journal International Journal of Exercise Science showed that blood flow restriction bands enhance aerobic capacity, endurance, and muscular size at low training volumes and intensities.


While generally safe, BFR sessions should be short. The bands should be used for 15 minutes - 20 minutes or less for workouts. This prevents accidental damage in case your bands are too tight and they cut off circulation. 



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