I keep getting to heaven. Thank you Cak’D UP for being part of my daily routine to grow my booty more perfect each day.

Adrian M.

The best damn booty product i've ever tried. was actually my last resort before getting a BBL! Cak'D UP saved me thousands!

Christian R.

It's best to use Cak'd up and Plump'd up together , I bought the Power Bottom Pack and absolutely am in shock at my results! loving the TB Brief also! very comfy.

Mike S.

Yooo the Loaded Up product is amazing! results in 3 days !


Was asked to leave a honest review for the oil Plump'd up. Pretty good product I apply it after I dry off from shower (post gym) AND WOAHHH Love the cooling sensation. I'm on week 3 finally starting to fill out my pants.

Nick J.

Lost over 100 pounds while on Slimu Up. This product has changed my life thank you so much! I lost mostly belly fat !


This is my favorite store! hands down the best products you can ever find! the cak'd up is amazing!

Brandon B.