Why Choose Biggz Bunz?


Being a well-informed consumer is important Especially when you are comparing brands and value.

Ingredients in the bottle really matter and where they come from. The first ingredient in the label determines that the ingredient is the first highest dose than the next following ingredients. For example, in Biggz Bunz our first ingredients are Premium Maca which we put more of in our Biggz Bunz blend, then the next ingredients follow.

Our 90 count - 3 capsules contain 1400+mg of material/ingredients in easy to swallow vegan friendly capsules! Which means more booty gains! This is the maximum amount you can take per 3 capsules in our formula. We are offering 30 capsules more than other Brands. 

Fortunately, for our Biggz Bunz consumers, they get the maximum quality and efficacy dose guaranteed. 

As a consumer you want to make sure you are buying the best products with the highest quality ingredients for the best price. You also want to make sure you are purchasing from a gay owned company which Biggz Bunz is the only gay owned glute building supplement on the market today. The Tj Biggz team has achieved this by creating effective products such as Biggz Bunz, and will continue to provide excellence for its customers around the world. We take pride in making very affordable quality products that work for you. By practicing what we preach, Biggz Bunz and other Tj Biggz products have made a positive impact to customers all around the world. 

Another notable mention, Please be aware of faulty brands/product advertisements. Biggz Bunz and all of Tj Biggz products can only be purchased at www.Tjbiggz.com and has the Tj Biggz official logo. If you have any information or see anyone copying our LGBTQ brands products, please don't hesitate to inform us. You can do so by clicking here

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