How Tj Biggz is a black & gay owned company

Larry Stansbury

TJ Biggz is all about the importance of supporting black and gay owned businesses
There's no denying it: black-owned brands are growing day by day, pushing the limits of inclusivity, and putting their expertise into product lines that you'll want to keep coming. ICYMI: TJ Biggz is a black-owned and gay business known for his designer underwear and lifestyle products. Having operated his business for over three years, he is proud of the success he has achieved, particularly as a black and LGBTQ+ business owner.
It is important to support Black businesses and communities, as they offer more than just goods and services. These spaces are for connecting and meeting with the community. Their mission is to provide a platform for local artists and cultural hubs. They provide the community with programs and resources it needs. Black businesses play a crucial role in strengthening our communities, especially since they fulfill a wide range of functions. Because Black Americans do not have the same opportunities as other people, they decide to start their own business. Black Americans often do not get the opportunity to enjoy generational wealth or hold more jobs than other people.
By purchasing goods from Black-owned businesses, you’re not just helping to strengthen local Black economies, but you’re also contributing to shrinking the racial wealth gap, encouraging the creation of more jobs for Black people, and holding larger companies accountable for their diverse representation. But this can only happen if Black-owned businesses are supported on a larger scale, not just by a few individuals. In addition, you can include LGBTQ people who work for black-owned businesses. 
Showing your support for LGBT+ owned businesses isn't just about dressing up in rainbow colors. You can also shop and spread the word about queer-friendly shopping, and show your peers that their efforts matter. By supporting LGBTQ-owned brands, you can continue to uplift and advocate for the community. The fight for LGBTQ and racial equality is ongoing.
TJ Biggz is one of the best minority black and gay owned companies and this is why you should shop for the best products.

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  • Josh Wright

    This is amazing company. I really support it and it needs more recognition.

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