Come here Kitty Kitty Pack

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This Pack contains 1 bottle of Slim’u UP, Loaded UP and Plump’D UP!

Ok tops listen we all know it’s about SIZE, how long you can last AND your cum-shot. This pack will turn you into Wild Lion in the bedroom! That’s right clean energy , last longer then ever AND big huge tasty loads! You will be ready to attack that booty! And here’s why.

We set the standard for powerful supplements, but you all wanted more, so we set out to do unthinkable- create one of the most potent fat-shredding supplements on the market

Countless weeks of Research & development with endless rounds of testing we are proud to say that Slim’u UP will give you greater fat burning, energy, and focus along with supreme mood enhancement. It will mostly target your belly fat! That’s right say goodbye to that stubborn belly fat! Slim’u UP will have you burning fat faster than ever, while feeling better than ever! What’s great about Slim’u UP is it contains herbal ingredients with the exception of caffeine, with no known side effects! we recommend taking 1 pill per day during morning hours for 3 days to set your tolerance. After 3rd day you can increase dosage to two pills per day.

Loaded UP is the first ever hybrid product and combines a variety of essential herbs that help you increase your sperm production and improve sperm motility, thus enhancing male fertility. This unique composition of natural ingredients improves overall sexual health and boosts male libido and desire! But that’s not it! It will have your load tasty after 1 week! No more salty loads! We recommend combining these products with proper diet / clean water. Don’t wait, Get Loaded UP!

- Increase the Volume of Semen 
- Massive hard on’s
- Massive Loads
- Formulated to make semen taste better
- Improve Sperm Fertility and Motility
- Flame up your Virility & Sexual Libido

The very first ever Maca Root Infused Scented Booty Oil! PLUMP’D UP!

Warning this product contains Powerful organic Butt Building Ingredients that may increase the size of your Glutes up to 20% , Plump’D UP will also reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite by up to 50% while forming and softening the skin. For maximum results apply a quarter size up to two times per day for 30 days! One 2oz bottle can last up to 30 days! For men and women 

After applying oil wash your hands thoroughly do not get oil in or near your eyes or mouth.


Important information

All of our products are the most potent, highly dosed formula available on the market today that contains herbal ingredients and are safe for vegetarians.
Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.
Must be 18 or older to purchase also Consult your physician before using these products. There are no refunds once product is opened.

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