Cak’D UP

I consumed Cak’D UP Everyday for a month and these were the results! 

I’ve always loved working out my legs and glutes. Sore and thick, it’s a great feeling when you know you had a killer workout and put on the juice, as Lizzo says it in her 2019 hit song “Juice,” showing confidence in her body. I drink amino acids after a workout and it helps the muscle recovery and growth. Also, while I love targeting the largest and strongest muscle group of the body, I make sure to take a supplement, a supplement as Cak’d Up.

Cak’d Up is a natural supplement that helps to build your glutes. With its natural herbal ingredients, subscribers call the supplement their miracle worker, especially for those who tried to grow their glutes. This supplement formulates and increases the glutes.

I purchased a month supply and started my journey in July. You have to take 2 supplements twice a day with a meal. I make sure to eat enough protein while taking this supplement so that it can give me great results.

Cava salad with grilled chicken, brown rice, spinach, and romaine lettuce.

The first week I noticed a little different when I was wearing my favorite black pants. My pants were a little snug on the thigh area while I was sitting down. As soon as I got up to adjust them, they were a little tight.

My mouth dropped. Then, after the second week, I saw that my hips were strengthening. The third and final week, my glutes were filled with muscle. I continue to work out my glutes and legs 3–4 times a week.

I couldn’t believe this product worked with my meal and workout routine. This is one of the greatest products ever made.

Kudos to TJ Biggz on this amazing product! Make sure to follow him and the Cak’d Up Instagram account.
- Larry Stansbury 
Writer At Medium 

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